A bit about me

Hi, I’m Amy – tour guide, marketer, lapsed food blogger and general food enthusiast. I set up Tasty Tours in 2016, because I like meet new people, eating lots of food and showing them the little hidden gems that I love.

I run a lot of the tours myself but have a few lovely colleagues who help out when it’s busy. Either way you’re guaranteed an enthusiastic host with lots of experience and knowledge of the area, and most importantly a love for the venues and food they’ll be introducing you to.

For private or corporate groups

We welcome private groups, and can create bespoke tours for particular areas and themes. They also work well for team activities – much less messy than paintball.

If you’re looking for a particular area or date that’s not yet listed, get in touch and if possible we’ll create something individual for your group.

For restaurants

If you’re a restaurant interested in hosting tour groups please email me – we’d love to include you!

I also work in restaurant and event marketing with Tasty Comms, to find out more about that, drop me a message.